Little Treasures at Hunstanton Beach

For me, one of the biggest joys of motherhood, is introducing my daughter to the places that are a special part of my childhood. Hunstanton holds many memories for me (my sisters and parents too). The promise of ice creams, sand castles and jaunts to the fairground and arcades with our entire savings of copper pennies, filled us all with so much excitement. We’d visit every year as soon as the weather was warm enough for sandals and the five of us would jump into our car for the quick trip from home to the seaside.

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October Sunshine | Last of the Summer Colour at Castle Ashby

The first time I visited Castle Ashby Gardens was in the Spring of 2017, before embarking on my journey into motherhood. Four years later, on a warm October day, I introduced Emilia to these beautiful gardens and it felt like a special moment for me and my romantic heart. Wandering the estate together and rediscovering the magic of these unique gardens through her eyes was a happy adventure, filled with simple moments I will cherish, always.

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Dancing into Dahlia Season | The September Blooms at Anglesey Abbey

It’s a drizzly, overcast Saturday as I filter through these stunning moments of an afternoon at Anglesey Abbey. Overflowing with nature’s dopamine and all the saturated colours of summer, I invite you to join me on a stroll through an explosion of colours; from the stunning dance of blooms in the Dahlia garden, to the last flush of summer flowers in the rose garden…

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