Autumn in Abundance | Embracing a Change in Seasons

Autumn. Quite possibly one of my favourite seasons. I’m October born and have many fond memories celebrating during the beautiful transition of seasons. The magical shift from the rich greens and colours of summer to the abundance of glorious earthy-golden hues of autumn. It brings me so much joy to observe and as the years have passed, feels significant and symbolic of motherhood.

I’ve always been especially in awe of this particular change of season – when the leaves turn from green to red before dancing to the floor like confetti to create a carpet of gold, when the air cools and the remains of summer are briefly preserved under a light layer of frost.

There’s an almost irresistible pull towards a slower pace in life and seeking new habits feel easier too. I’ve learned to embrace this and now wholeheartedly welcome Autumn as an opportunity to gently reflect on my journey. This is something I’ve noticed I seek much more now I’m travelling the path of motherhood.

I hope my ode to Autumn encourages you to pause and discover – what does a new season mean to you?

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