A Cosy Springtime Nest in the Garden | Life in a time of Quarantine

Last weekend on Saturday I decided to create this dreamy scene in our back garden for Emilia before the weather took a cooler turn. Since we’re home all day at the moment, our garden has very much become her happy place — and mine too. So while I’ve been pruning plants, tearing the huge amount of overgrown ivy off the fencing and de-weeding the borders in my efforts to make our small garden more pleasing to the eye for me, I’ve also been thinking of fun and easy ways to make the space more child-friendly.

For this cosy outdoor setting, I included layers of soft blankets, her teepee with some of her most loved books, her favourite wooden toys and of course, gathered her adorable collection of bunnies and teddies from Main Sauvage. We sadly didn’t get to celebrate Easter this year — I injured my leg on Good Friday and spent the entire Easter weekend immobile… so it was such a joy to be able to create this Springtime nest outdoors as a bit of a belated Easter ‘bunny-and-teddy-bear’ picnic too, and capture some lovely photos (which I’ve kept aside for our family) for our albums.

After creating this opportunity for Emilia to play outdoors — mostly with the toys she already owns (with a small garden, we’re limited on space for outdoor toys), it was wonderful to watch her explore independently. A very simple idea really, and an ideal space for us parents to relax out there with them too!

Here’s to many more garden slumbers and picnics like this one, because this set-up worked perfectly, she was truly in her element. I’m going to cherish these moments with my sunshine girl forever.

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