An Ode to Lupins | Joy at the Allotment

Imagine my delight at discovering a sea of flowering Lupins at the allotments in my parents village! While taking the shortcut to the village watermill on our family walk, I became completely captivated by these majestic flowers with their bold flower spikes and colourful blooms. It was too hard to resist this joyful scene.

Lupins are a relatively new discovery for me and I keep coming back to thinking how beautiful they would look in my little Rose garden with a wild scattering of Foxglove, Delphiniums, Lavender and Allium – what do you think?

We stopped to admire them for long enough to realise the shortcut didn’t shorten our journey at all… though it was absolutely worth it to have captured this memory of these enchanting blooms up close for myself. There’s no doubt I’ll be on Lupin watch every Summer from here on out.

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